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Stop New Oil & Gas beach towel from Surfrider Foundation Australia

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Oceans are for whales, dolphins, sharks, surfers and swimmers. Let your fellow beachgoers know about the grave threat from fossil fuel exploration and extraction. Get the message out there, buy a Stop New Oil & Gas towel.

This is a collaboration between the Wilderness Society, Surfers for Climate and Surfrider Foundation Australia - coming together to fight the threat to our beaches and oceans

What's it made from? 

Made from 100% recycled material (85% recycled polyester; 15% recycled nylon), the towel measures 80 by 160cm, is highly absorbent, quick drying and sand free.

The towel has an urgent call:
Stop New Oil & Gas. 

Why is it important? 

Australia’s beautiful oceans and coastlines are under increasing threat from oil and gas exploration. 

Let your towel spread the word in car parks and on beaches. Our coastlines and oceans should forever be a safe and healthy environment for people and marine life. The seismic blasting and drilling needed for exploration and extraction is devastating for animals, like southern right whales and dolphins.

On top of this, they destroy the fisheries that local communities depend on. We are in the midst of a climate crisis and can’t afford to burn more fossil fuels which subsequently heat the oceans. This has terrible consequences for sensitive ecosystems like the giant kelp forests of lutruwita / Tasmania and the Great Barrier Reef

Now is the time to make it loud and clear with our new beach towel that oceans are not for fossil fuel companies to grow profits, but a place for all the life that depends on them. Including all of us.

#StopNewOilAndGas, get your towel today!

Proceeds from the purchase of this towel will go to support Surfrider Foundation Australia's campaign against new oil and gas. In purchasing this towel you may be contacted by Surfrider Foundation Australia.