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GUPPYFRIEND washing bag

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Most of our clothing today is made of synthetic, fossil fuel-based materials such as nylon or polyester. When washing our clothes, countless particles end up in our wastewater. Microplastic fibres are particularly difficult to filter out.

They escape the filter systems of washing machines and wastewater treatment plants. Once in the rivers and oceans the fibres accumulate toxins. Fish and other aquatic organisms can‘t distinguish these tiny plastic particles from their actual food. This is how synthetic fibres from our clothes end up on our plates and ultimately in our bodies.

The GUPPYFRIEND® Washing Bag is a scientifically proven solution to prevent microplastic pollution from washing synthetic textiles. It‘s the only solution that protects both our clothes and the environment.

- It reduces fibre shedding significantly.
- It filters the few fibres that break and doesn’t lose any fibres itself.
- It’s a daily reminder to change our buying and washing habits.

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