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Great Forest National Park

The Great Forest National Park will protect forests and wildlife, and secure our way of life.
In this Park the tallest trees on Earth - the Mountain Ash - provide habitat for endangered animals, including the Fairy (Leadbeater's) Possum.
These forests are also the watershed for Melbourne's world-class drinking water. Just 90 minutes from the heart of the city, this Park will be a place for recreation and respite. 
It is a multi-tenure park system - with places to ride your  mountain bike, 4WD and camp, and take the kids for a walk. Proposals for zip-lines will mean you can take in the view from the heights of the tree canopy, and overnight hikes from Healesville - mountainside township and gateway to the Park - up to to Lake Eildon provide opportunity to experience the forests, rivers and mountains of this special place. 

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