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Wilderness Journal: Stories of nature and people

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Wilderness Journal: Stories of nature and people is a collection of material published in the first 13 issues of Wilderness Journal, a space where we can celebrate nature, science, culture and art. A new, physical incarnation representing stories made through 2020 and 2021, through isolation and fires… a time, perhaps, that clarifies the complete urgency of protecting this fragile Earth. 
And our book has made it into the Shortlist for the prestigious 2021 Australian Book Design Awards! 

To bring this book to life, we worked with Rachel Knepfer, creative force behind the Wilderness Journal, and esteemed book designer Stuart Geddes, who has shaped the material into something classical and beautifully unexpected. 

We thank the brilliant and generous contributors to Wilderness Journal, some of the world’s finest photographers, scientists, artists, illustrators and writers - all of whom have given their time and their talents as a force for protecting nature. 

Limited run; 128pp; dimensions: 165mm x 240mm x 10mm (spine); section-sewn; 100% recycled paper; printed and bound by three local businesses in Naarm / Melbourne.