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Ugly fly scoop neck tee

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Far from a common bugbear, the humble fly is an important pollinator, making them of considerable value to humans and ecosystems. So you might want to reconsider reaching for that swatter next time...

You don't have to look ugly to Save Ugly. We’re celebrating the not-so-cute critters that support life on earth—and you can too! Designed by local and international artists, these tees are rearing their ugly heads for a limited time only, so don't miss out.

New Zealand-born artist/musician Reg Mombassa lives in Sydney and is not grossed out by flies. In fact, he appreciates the glistening colours that result from the sun shining on their wings, their long hairy legs and their cute babies (maggots).

The good stuff

  • Designed by Australian-New Zealand artist Reg Mombassa
  • Printed on quality AS Colour Mali tees
  • 100% cotton (oatmeal marle contains 15% polyester)
  • Ethically produced
  • Limited edition