Kid's SOULS Soft Style Thongs

  • $15.00

Leave your footprints on the sand and not on the environment.

Souls is a family owned company that launched the "original" massage thong to the Australian market in 2001; their thongs offer both therapeutic and lifestyle benefits.

Souls Footwear do not manufacture in China; they manufacture in Sri Lanka at a family owned and operated company. No child labour is used, allowing you to make an ethical choice when buying Souls Footwear.

The Souls manufacturing facility is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing and no hazardous materials have been used during the manufacturing process. All Souls Thongs are made from an EVA foam and natural rubber combination (both non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials). The Souls manufacturing facility adheres to strict European standards and is a REACH certified manufacturer.

Souls Thong production uses up to 25% recycled rubber material in their construction which has been recycled at our manufactures’ on site recycling plant. All rubber material used to produce Souls Thongs is sourced from the natural rubber plantations of Sri Lanka. The offcuts leftover from the manufacturing process is recycled through the on-site recycling facility to make more Souls Thongs and other rubber type products.